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The Complete Guide To Selling

By: Michael Paulk

About the book



Escape the exhaustion of conventional sales training that leaves you unsatisfied.

Say goodbye to the high-pressure tactics and embrace a transformative approach with 'Next Level Selling - Next Level Life.' Picture sealing deals with an enthusiastic 'let's do this!' instead of succumbing to the strain of a pressured

'yes.' This groundbreaking book shatters the traditional mold, unveiling the secrets of consultative selling, where understanding precedes ultimatums. As well as abandoning outdated closing techniques and embracing conversations that pave the way for lasting partnerships.

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By the final page, you will:

Transform sales encounters into alliances rather than battlefields.

Elevate your sales prowess and undergo a personal metamorphosis.

Realize the potency of conversations as your most influential sales tool.

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      Next Level Selling - Next Level Life

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I served in the US Army as an Airborne Ranger and a Special Operations Soldier. Following my military career, I became a Financial Advisor and Stockbroker, then I successfully started and ran a financial services sales training company, a Boxing and Kickboxing gym, and was the General Sales Manager in a high-volume store in the auto business for six years. I host the critically acclaimed podcast “Next Level Selling” where I share proven sales strategies to improve the sales process and results for entrepreneurs and business owners.

I excelled in the military and in business with every role I have taken in life. Now, with my expert sales training, I want to help others do the same.


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